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Become a part of American history as it unfolds before your eyes... through a reporter's interview, Mr. Pierce pulls you into a riveting in-depth view of the life of Sojourner Truth, the first African American woman in the suffrage movement, abolitionist, and confidante to Abraham Lincoln. Begin to understand through Sojourner's unmitigated audacity to make things happen, the depth of her impact on the abolition of slavery, women's rights, prison reform, America and the world.

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"Sojourner" takes a hard look at her life, not only as a woman, but as a slave. It also takes a compelling look at pre-civil war America and what led to the conflict. While this coming- of-age narrative is filled with acts of random horrific cruelty, it will at times make you laugh, then make you cry, force you to take a look at the morals, values and conditions that shaped America, and instill in you awe at Sojourner Truth's unwavering spirit to overcome –and be moved to "sojourn for the truth... even to the ends of the earth."

"...Their only problem was that they had been slaves or descendents of slaves... I saw then what my mission was, was to sojourn, to become a sojourner of truth, to go anywhere to confront this evil, even to the belly of the beast and stamp it out or die trying, By God."
--Sojourner Truth


"Based on the life and times of freedom fighter Sojourner Truth, this powerful story is told through the emotional testimony of versatile actress Zuhairah... Zuhairah brings a wonderful physicality to her portrayal of the elderly Sojourner...her performance, which was highly interactive with the audience, was both moving and convincing. Similar to the way feature film, Amistad, served to enlighten the public, this production could be used by teachers for an educational and entertaining field trip." --Kim Roberts, The Philadelphia Tribune.

"Zuhairah, a spirited actress, plays the lead with all of Truth's dramatic intensity, emotional depth, and occasional humor. Zuhairah holds our attention, stimulates our emotions every minute of the play, it's primarily a one-person show. Her mobile face and expressive hands adds much to her characterization of Sojourner Truth." Holly Webster, The Swarthmorean .

Zuhairah McGill


Actor, Director, Founder and Producing Artistic Director of First World Theatre Ensemble

Zuhairah McGill: Hails from Brooklyn NY and now resides in Upper Darby, PA.She is the founder and producing artist director of Philadelphia’s newest and most provocative theatre company, First World Theatre Ensemble. She was the Director in Residence at the Prince Music Theater and is currently the Creative Director for the Master Griot Project. Zuhairah has directed numerous plays, some which include: ”For Colored Girls…” “Mary”, “The Amen Corner”, “Zooman and the Sign”, “The Cooling Board”, “Eubie”, and “Survival Strategies: A Tale of Faith” And the hit “The Sounds of Philadelphia, starring Billy Paul, the Bluenotes, the Delfonics and the Stylistic. She has also been seen in numerous off-Broadway & national tour productions. She received the 2002 BarryMore Nomination for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Play For her one-woman performance as “Sojourner Truth” in Richard Lamont Pierce’s “Sojourner” . She’s appeared in several productions, she can be seen in commercials and films, including a lead role in indie director, Aaron Blandon’s newly released film, “The Battle of Ishu and Iku”. She performed her one-woman show in Mississippi to a sell out crowd for the well-known Lyceum Series. A series that has such greats such has Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Melba Moore, and others grace it stage. Zuhairah has worked with the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office and renowned author, Lorene Cary as part of Philadelphia’s 2003 One Book/One Philadelphia, leaving no child left behind in Philadelphia’s literacy program. She’s performed for the 2003 National Black Writers Festival, in honor of Chinua Achebe; Zuhairah gave her moving performance of “Sojourner”. She was an educator for the Point Breeze of Performing Arts (Donna & Al Brown former Governor Award Recipients) teaching grades 4-12 how to deal with life issues through Conflict Resolutions. She received the 2007 award from the National Black Spoken Word Tour for Outstanding Community Service through the Arts. She was an artist /educator for 3yrs with The Village of Arts & Humanities, under the direction ofH. German Wilson & Lily Yeh She’s also worked with the Philadelphia Young Playwrights, for 5 years teaching youth playwrighting and at the end of the year putting on productions with the Philadelphia Theatre Company. Ms Mcgill was also the producer of C. Delores Tucker’s Martin Luther King Non-Violence Award Ceremony with Joe Frazier, Cicely Tyson, and Jackie Frazier for two years. She is also working with Queen Mother Fattah The House of Umojo’s on their “Peace in the Hood” campaign and The City Of Philadelphia Second Annual “Collar Green Festival” She was the host this past June for the “Nice town CDC Giveback Festival featuring “Jean Carne and Mikki Howard.” Zuhairah directed the moving production of “Wade in the Water”: A Katrina Drama and “From Ancient to Hip-Hop: The African Continuum (which she conceives) that received rave reviews and standing ovations at The National Black Theater in New York. Her current projects are The Castration of a Dark-Skinned Women, dealing with the after- effects of genital mutilations on women throughout the world. In which she is writing. She will also be making her feature film debut as Director for “The Seventh Cypher” a film by Tito Irizarry.