Vahid Management & Production Co.,LLC




Of all the chicks he was the one; the one that stood out from the moment he hatched; the most active; the most demanding of his mother’s attention; the one who first opened his eyes; the one first to grow flight feathers; the one who impatiently suggested he believed he was ready to leave the nest. He believed he could fly. So ahead of his brothers and sisters he journeyed to the edge of the cliff. They watched as he surveyed the horizon and prepared for his destiny. They were all well aware of the dangers of his proposal. If unsuccessful he would surely become the food of the predatory animals that made their home at the base of the cliff. He may not have the strength to fly back up in the small increments required to the safety of his home at the top of the cliff. Making his venture even more perilous were the predatory birds flying through the skies in search of a meal. They surely would recognize his immaturity and would be ready to pounce on him as he tried to retreat home after a failed attempt. Nevertheless, he was the one who ahead of his brothers and sisters stood on the edge of the cliff gathered himself and with a certitude that he was meant to, took flight. His mother looked to him with pride, his siblings with the newfound courage he inspired in them. We named this young precocious hawk Vahid, “The One.”

It is the spirit of Vahid that inspired us to embark on our mission to assist, inspire, and make possible the flight of our clients. We believe we were all meant to fly. Vahid also signifies the unity of our purpose. The quintessence of unity being love. It is the passion that moves us to champion for the success of our clients against all odds and notwithstanding the perils of their choice to give flight to their creative talent.